TeleSCAN: Other Aim Projects of EU DG XIII

TeleSCAN may provide a platform on which AIM projects may be demonstrated and through which information on these programs may be obtained.

One of these programs is the TELEGASTRO software of the WORLD ORGANISATION of GASTROENTEROLOGY (O.M.G.E) which is a project designed to make available to young gastroenterologists and others across Europe the knowledge gathered by the OMGE surveys, together with other current "state of the art" developments.

The Galen Project

The Helios-2 project alleviates the development of medical application software through the development of a pre-industrial Engineering Environment.

Another program is the QUIRT software (Quality Assurance in Radiotherapy) developed by the Radiotherapy Department of the Netherlands Cancer Institute - Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital, Amsterdam. This software allows adjustment of patient positioning during radiotherapy based on expert interpretation of online acquired images. Here are examples of the images on which this software operates.

The PROCAS Project is working to improve the quality and efficiency of medical treatment by establishing a methodology for defining and developing what are termed “Profiles of Care” - sets of options for clinicians which provide acceptable ways of managing patients with similar medical conditions using good clinical practice.

Gateway access to the EMDIS European Marrow Donor Information System is currently being investigated.


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