Cancer Information Services on CD-ROM

Cancer Information Services on CD-ROM

Unless otherwise stated the country of origin of these information services is the United States, and the information is available via CD-ROM. These services are classified into three areas:

Literature Services

Cancer CD

Published by: Silver Platter Information

This is made up of references to, abstracts of and commentaries on cancer and related subjects, comprising information from Elsevier Science Publishers and the CancerLIT file from the NCI; duplicate citations have been merged into single records whilst preserving information that is specific to each source.


Published by:Aries Systems Cooperation, Silver Platter, CD Plus

This is a collection of citations and abstracts of published cancer literature with contents from 3, 000 medical journals, papers presented at meetings, books, reports, and theses.

CASurveyor - Cancer Chemical Research

This is an extract of the information summaries of world scientific literature available in Chemical Abstracts that are relevant to cancer.

Current Contents - Life Sciences

Published by : The Institute for Scientific Information

Contains the table of contents from 800 of the world's leading physical, chemical and earth science journals. It is updated weekly, and enables the order of required documents.


Published by : CD Plus, New York

Produced by Elsevier Science Publishers, this is an acclaimed comprehensive index of international literature on medicine, science and pharmacology.

General and Internal Medicine

Published by: SilverPlatter Information

This contains the preceeding two years of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

General Science Index

Published by: H W Wilson Company

This is a guide to current information in 140 English language science periodicals.

Health Index

Published by: CD Plus

This contains a comprehensive index to consumer health and health related articles from popular magazines, newspapers, newsletters, business and academic journals.

Internal Medicine

Published by: Macmillan New Media, Cambridge

This includes full text information on 5 major internal medicine journals including The Lancet, the British Medical Journal, Annals of Internal Medicine, the Journal of the American Medical Association, and the New England Journal of Medicine

Journal of the Americal Medical Association

Published by: Macmillan New Media, Cambridge

This is a full text CD-ROM of this journal covering 1986 to the present day.

Life Sciences Collection.

Published by: SilverPlatter Information

This contains over 1,217,000 citations to the worlds science literature in a variety of areas including oncoloy.

MDX Health Digest - Medical Data Exchange

Published by: SilverPlatter Information

This is a consumer health database containing summaries from current articles in health issues, drawn from magasines, newspapers and medical journals written in laymans terms.


Published by: Longman Group UK Ltd

Country of Source: France

This contains over 40, 000 references from 1991 onwards from over 500 periodicals, theses and conference proceedings in a medical field.


Published by: Dialog Europe.

CD Plus

A database of comprehensive biomedical literature, including references and abstracts from approximately 3200 journals published in over 70 countries. 300,000 publications are added each year, 70% of which are written in English.

MEDLINE - German Selection

Published by: SilverPlatter Information

This contains a subset of the medline standard database and contains infromation which has either been published in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, or where medical research has been conducted in these countries. In addition the subset contains information on 30 of the worlds most prestigious sources from outside this region.

MEDLINE Professional

Published by: SilverPlatter Information

Medline Professional is a subset of the entire Medline database focussing on clinical medicine and including 320 journals.

Nusing and Allied Health - CINAHL

Published by: CD Plus

CINAHL is an index in nursing and allied health for over 30 years and provides abstracts from more than 50 nursing journals.


Published by: J B Lippincott Company

This provides cancer information including cancerlit, PDQ, text and references in oncology and the full text of Cancer: Principles and Practice of Oncology, Important Advances of Oncology and the Manual for Staging of Cancer.

Physician's Medline

Published by: Macmillan New Media

Features all citations and abstracts from 150 journals and the major journals in all specialities.

SEDBASE - Meyler's Side Effects of Drugs Database

Published by: Silver Platter

Contains critical reviews of more than 9000 articles published annually on the clinically relevant side-effects and interactions of all drugs currently in use.

Science Citation Index

Published by: ISI Institute for Scientific Information

This provides access to full bibliographic data and cited references to items included in over 3, 200 of the worlds leading scientific and technical journals.

Unabridged MEDLINE

Published by: Medical Economics Data

This contains all citations, English and non-English, of the NLM Medline database.


Dialog OnDisc Healthcare Product Comparison System

Published by: Dialog Europe.

This contains side by side comparison charts listing health devices by brand name.

Directory of Physicians in the United States

Published by: American Medical Association

Includes 750,000 listings of all US Physicians

Medical Directory on CD -ROM

Published by: Longman Group UK Ltd

Country of Source: UK

This contains details on all UK Regional Health Authorities, NHS trusts, Family Health Authorities, State and Independent Sector Hospitals and registered doctors.

Medical Reference on Research CD ROM

Published by: Longman Group UK Ltd

Country of Source: UK

This contains information on medical research institutions and researchers worldwide.

World Drug Index

Published by: Derwent Publicationns LTD

Country of Source: UK

This covers 42, 000 important drugs and pharmacologically active compounds. Data is drawn from a wide range of official sources.


Published by: Elsevier Publishing

Country of Source: EU

This contains an international database of conferences, symposia, seminars and workshops, tradeshows and exhibitions.

Reference Databases

ATCC Catalogue

Published by: ATCC Publications

Medium: Diskette

There are several volumes of this catalogue including one on cell lines, and another on bacteria and bacteriosphages.

Computerized Clinical Information System

Published by: MicroMedex, USA

This contains treatment protocols, mongraphs, drug information, a risk information database and practice of acute care.

Excerpta Medica Embase

Published by: SilverPlatter Information

EMBASE offers coverage of biomedical information, focussing on drugs and pharmacology, human medicine, and relevant biomedical science.


Published by: EMBL, Heidelberg

Country of Source: Germany

This contains a DNA sequence database, as well as SWISS-PROT, PROSITE and ENZYME protein sequence databases.

Entrez- NCBI GenBank

Published by: US National Centre for Biotechnology Information

This contains a DNA sequence database, a protein and neucleotide database and access to the relevant articles within Medline. This is also available as an online service.

Genome Science and Technology

Published by: Mary Ann Liebert Inc.

This contains genome and cDNA sequencing, as well as many wider social, ethical, and legal issues relating to genome technology. It also includes GenBank.

Health Plan

Published by: Silver Platter

This covers the non-clinical aspects of health care delivery such as administration and health care planning, quality assurance etc.

IARC CancerDisc - Internation Agency for Research on Cancer Disc

Published by: Silver Platter Information

IARC has gained international respect in its role in evaluating the carcinogenic potential of over 700 chemicals, complex mixtures and lifestyle factors, the results of which are disseminated through this CD.


Published by: SilverPlatter Information

This contains information on drugs and drug therapy as they evolve.

Linscott's Directory

Published by: Linscott

Medium: Diskette

Also published in a paper form this contains information on a wide range of immunological and biological reagents.

PDQ - Physicians Data Query

Published by: Silver Platter Information

This gives access to PDQ the database of treatment information sheeets for physicians and patients, information on 1000 active treatment protocols and a directory of 14,00 physicians and 1600 organisations caring for cancer patients.

PDR Library - Physician's Desk Reference.

Published by: Medical Economics Data

This provides prescribing information on 3000 pharmacuticals including FDA approved prescription drugs, commonly used over the counter drugs and specialised opthalmic pharmacuticals.

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