The European Code against Cancer

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  1. Do not smoke. Smokers, stop as quickly as possible and do not smoke in the presence of others.If you do not smoke, do not try it.
  2. If you drink alcohol, whether beer, wine or spirits, moderate your consumption.
  3. Increase your daily intake of vegetables and fresh fruits. Eat cereals with a high fibre content frequently.
  4. Avoid becoming overweight, increase physical activity and limit intake of fatty foods.
  5. Avoid excessive exposure to the sun and avoid sunburn especially in children
  6. Apply strictly regulations aimed at preventing any exposure to known cancer-causing substances. Follow all health and safety instructions on substances which may cause cancer.
  7. See your doctor if you notice a lump, a sore which does not heal (including in the mouth), a mole which changes in shape, size or colour, or any abnormal bleeding
  8. See your doctor if you have persistent problems, such as a persistent cough, persistent hoarseness, a change in bowel or urinary habits or an unexplained weight loss.
  9. For women: Have a cervical smear regularly. Participate in organised screening programmes for cervical cancer.
  10. For women: Check your breasts regularly. Participate in organised mammographic screening programmes if you are over 50

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