TeleSCAN: The United Kingdom

Information on breast cancer and useful information on UK cancer contacts has been put on-line by a breast cancer survivor and her friend, a multi-media artist.

The Institute of Cancer Research, London has information on the Institute as well as further information for cancer patients and their families.

The UKCCCR Register of Cancer Trials is a register of over 1000 randomised cancer trials going on throughout Europe, coordinated by the Medical Research Council Cancer Trials Office on behalf of the UKCCCR.

The cancer research campaign has the following sites at the University of Liverpool CRC Oncology Research Unit. and Cancerhelp UK at the CRC Institute for Cancer studies at Birmingham University.

The Medical Research Council now has a web server.

Here is patient information on bladder cancer from the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle.

You may also view general regional information for the UK.


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