TeleSCAN: The MARIA Deliverables

There is much interest in the Oncological community in extending the available computer services.The MARIA project is intended to be a model for a major network serving cancer centres throughout Europe. It builds on the existing EuroCODE network, and incorporates horizontal links into other medical disciplines of paediatrics and molecular biology.

The work packages which will be completed within MARIA are:

WP     WORK PACKAGE TITLE                                                     
1      Review of AIM and related project results    (COMPLETED)                          
11     Study of Available Cancer Information Services       (COMPLETED)                  
11     Non-networked Cancer Information Services                  
13     Review of User Needs for European Cancer Telematics Services (COMPLETE)   
14     Network security and privacy legislation (COMPLETE)                              
15     Analysis of the technical, organisational and financial aspects of     
       the Multinational implementation of a European Cancer information     
       telematics service  (COMPLETE)                                                   
16     preparation of EuroCODE to function as a platform for the European     
17     Implement and Evaluate a European Demonstrator for Telematics Cancer   
       information services                                                   
18     Software development for a register of trials                          
19     Technical coordination of the European Demonstrator                    


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