TeleSCAN: The MARIA Project

Multimedia Applications for Regional and International Access

MARIA is an acronym for Multimedia Applications for Regional and International Access. The MARIA project is a DG.XIII / AIM funded project which aims to assess the current exploitation of Telematics by medical professionals and to demonstrate how multimedia applications can contribute to the daily work of the medical professional.

The project is two-fold: a regional part and a European part. The regional part consists of a demonstrator in Paediatrics based in the North of England at the Institute of Child Health and providing videoconferencing, library services and other multimedia facilities.

The European part is being carried out by the EORTC. being coordinated at the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam. It consists of a series of studies on existing Telematics services and infrastructures, on ongoing projects of potential interest, organisational and security aspects of a European Cancer telematics network, and a large study to determine the requirements of the Oncological community, leading to a demonstrator of Telematics services build on the existing EuroCODE network. and to be known as TeleSCAN.

In the EORTC part of the MARIA project, the main goals are to obtain a clear view of what is already available and what the Oncology community in Europe would expect from an International Oncology information network, and to demonstrate to the actual medical professional what kind of applications could be developed and / or implemented to support his or her daily work.

To this end, MARIA has produced several deliverables. The one concerning Internet Services is now available.


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