Information for medical professionals

This section of TeleSCAN is intended for medical professionals who want cancer-specific information. For comprehensive WWW information contact OncoLink. All sorts of cancer related information, databases, and news may be found at the National Cancer Center, Tokyo,Japan. A preliminary gopher site for the Texas Cancer Data Centre: contains information on cancer demographics, resources, services and programs directed mainly to those who plan, develop, fund, provide, need and/or use cancer resources in Texas. Another new service is The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Hospitals on the Web is providing information on a small but growing list of (currently mainly American) hospitals.

The EuroTransMed network links over 165 hospitals in 24 countries. It is a non-profit making foundation established by teaching doctors to utilise interactive satellite television technology for continuing medical education.

At the University of Iowa College of Medicine is based the Virtual Hospital which present multimedia patient case histories for use as study aids.

A wealth of information for both clinician and patient is provided by the US National Institute of Health, in particular from CancerNet.

You may be interested in obtaining access to the PARADIGM Randomisation Software which provides means of entering patients into clinical trials at participating institutes.

Here you may read Facts and Figures of Cancer in the EC a publication compiled by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the Commision of the European Communities, and the World Health Organisation for the "Europe against Cancer" Program.

You may also be interested in the Patient Information or in the Information for Researchers


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