Teaching programs

Within the Medico project the Clinical Information Science Unit of the University of Leeds (CISU) has produced a number of computer based teaching programs on different topics related to cancer. The programs are developed in Visual Basic to run under the Microsoft Windows operating system, and as such require an installation of software at the user's PC available on a CD Rom.

One task of the NKI in Medico is to make the CISU programs web-enabled. This means that the programs can be accessed with a standard WWW browser, and therefore can be accessed over an Intranet or the Internet. Installation and setup of the program is required only on an Internet or Intranet server and not on each user workstation. This makes updating of existing programs and addition of new programs much more flexible.

Although the programs may be used without viewing the video clips, the PC should be equipped with the RealMedia player in order to gain the full value of the programs and access the video material.