Information for Patients

This page of TeleSCAN provides structured access to developed cancer services for the general public, patients and their families. This list is growing rapidly so check this page often.

Oncolink . Oncolink is probably the most developed World Wide Web site in Cancer and gives information on all aspects of cancer including 'psychosocial support, support groups and cancer organizations'. is setting up a World Wide Network for childhood cancers. They provide a (free) web site for the child on the internet and are creating a support network for the child and their families.The network will be for information,support,donations,prayers or what ever the child or family may be in need of.

The Leukaemia Research Fund is the only British research charity devoted to leukaemia and related diseases in adults and children. The Fund's remit covers all forms of leukaemia and lymphoma, multiple myeloma, myelodysplastic syndromes, myeloproliferative disorders and aplastic anaemia.

Some interesting cancer prevention information is provided by the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Centre.

A wealth of patient information is provided by the US National Institute of Health, in particular from CancerNet, mirrored on TeleSCAN.

Information concerning breast cancer is held at the Breast Cancer Information Clearing House

Information concerning prostate cancer is held at the Wellness Web Prostate Cancer Centre

Patient information is available on Bladder Cancer in the booklet Understanding Bladder Cancer.

Some useful cancer information for patients is in Steve Dunn's CancerGuide and a useful introductory tour of internet resources in CanSearch

A support group for multiple myeloma patients, the Multiple Myeloma Exchange Experience has just been set up.

Cancer Care is a non-profit non-sectarian US cancer agency. Patients and their families may interact with the site, and receive services either by joining on ‘on-line’ support group or leaving requests for information, referrals, or other forms of services.

The International Myeloma Foundation provides information and a Patient to Patient Directory for multiple myeloma patients and their families.

The Cancer Guide from the University of Michigan provides 'quick information' for patients and their families.


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