Information for Researchers

This section of TeleSCAN contains information for people involved in cancer research.

The UKCCCR/ECCTR Register of Cancer Trials is the only extensive directory of cancer clincial trials in Europe. Within the MARIA project extensions have been made in order to facilitate European Data Collection and disseminate it more widely.

There is a tumour gene database at the Baylor College of Medicine and also at the Jackson Cancer Laboratory in the University of Maine, US.

The Albert Einstein Cancer Center is an academic affiliated cancer center on the east coast of the USA.

You may here find an introduction to the Cochrane Collaboration together with details on how to become a member.

Here is Hospital Web, the most comprehensive list of hospitals on the Web.

If you have access you may use the TeleSCAN Patient Registration software to enter patients and use the other clinical trial services.

The Italian National Institute for Cancer Research and the University of Genoa provide the Sustaining Oncology Studies (SOS) database which provides information on training; multimedial training, and support for Cancer Research and related Biomedical disciplines.

The Rotterdam Comprehensive Cancer Centre in the Netherlands maintains a database of Cancer Registries on the Web

The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle provides information on the nature and causes of cancer, investigates the methods of cancer prevention and treatment, conducts education in all phases of cancer research and performs research in all aspects of biomedical science that have a relationship to cancer.

The University of California, San Francisco, Cancer Center now has its clinical trials listed on the Web.

You may also be interested in the Patient Information or in the Medical Information .


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